[Female Strange Hypersexuality]

[Female Strange Hypersexuality]

If, when you find symptoms that are consistent with hypersexuality, don’t take it as a sign of physical strength, for a long time, without treatment, it will cause physical harm.

Women’s hypersexuality means that women’s sexual desire is strong. Although there is an orgasm during sexual intercourse, it is difficult to satisfy them. After sexual intercourse, the genitals swell and stagnate, and they still have a strong desire for sexual intercourse.

Patients are usually prone to impulsive emotions, dark yellow urine, dry mouth and bitterness, irritability, viscous vaginal discharge, high volume, red tongue, and thin yellow fur.

After a long time, the empirical evidence was transferred to the deficiency syndrome, and the symptoms of weakness in the waist and knees, dizziness, tinnitus, and heartburn in the hands and feet were also seen.

TCM believes that the empirical evidence is caused by the dampness and heat of the liver, and the deficiency syndrome is the deficiency of the kidney yin, and the phase fire (the desire for fire) is hyperactive.

Hypersexual Precautions Precautions for Self-Treatment (1) Correct Treatment of Hypersexual Precautions (1) Correct Treatment of Hypersexual Precautions Precautions for Self-Treatment.

(2) Unmarried people try to restrain sexual desire, work, study, and rich entertainment activities to divert sexual agitation.

(3) Married persons should inform their husbands of their illnesses, for understanding, it is advisable to separate beds and move them to reduce various sexual stimuli.

(4) Do not eat foods and drugs that promote sexual desire, such as wine, mutton, venison, bird meat, royal jelly, ginseng, velvet antler, placenta, etc.

(5) Mainly vegetables.

Eat more winter melon, loquat white, water chestnut, cucumber, lily and other vegetables that have the effect of clearing fire and reducing cravings, and dampening and soothe the nerves.

Tips for warming up: Do not regard hypersexuality as a sign of physical strength in front of you. If you do not restrain yourself, you will lose your physique.