Communication is not a two-man world

Communication is not a two-man world

I know a couple, no matter where they go, they are used to being in pairs, and even when the bathroom is temporarily separated, they can’t stand it!

It was a twenty-four-hour day, a seven-day week, and a love affair on the 31st of a month.

If she has a date or interview, he will follow her; if he has a date or interview, she will also accompany him.

Their relationship is compulsive. Everyone sees it clearly, but they can’t see it.

They expressed their love in a sticky way and enjoyed each other’s company, but the relationship was dark and persecuted.

  In a truly healthy relationship, the quality of getting along and respect for each other is always the highest principle.

If your relationship is inferior, even if you are together every night of every Wednesday and have sex 75 times a month, the inferior relationship will not change much.

Your relationship will continue to sink and perish. Either self-abuse or torture others. This will be your hell (or heaven, depending on your own mental state).

  If your relationship is of high quality and you enjoy each other’s company when you are together, time is not the most important thing for you.

If you can only be together one night a week, this night will be perfect.

  In theory, to get together is not to bind each other, but to be free.

In marriage, friendship, community, and work, you are still yourself, an independent individual, able to live your own life, otherwise, you are bound.

If you don’t let your lover, spouse, your boss or employees, or your friends have enough space to be themselves-you are tied up.

Relationships are related to freedom, enthusiasm, and the joy of getting along, not to create small circles of confrontation, nor should you stare at others.

  It is not easy to make the other party free, because you like someone and you want to be with him often, and you want to control the whole situation.

But deliberately letting the other party be free, showing generosity, but not natural enough, can not establish a good foundation for the continued development of relations.

  When communication becomes a state of mind in life, you are willing to spend your personal time with your partner instead of the alternative two-person world.

You are companions, attract each other, and communicate with each other, while you are communicating, although in the form of a two-person world, not a lonely world.

  As long as your partner or your friend is willing to be with them; when they can’t be with you, you can choose to be sad or happy.

If your love or friendship is such a natural exchange, you have no reason to be unhappy!