Four amazing effects of spray moisturizing in winter


Four amazing effects of spray moisturizing in winter

Winter’s footprints are deepening day by day. The air conditioner in the office is swallowing the moisture in our skin. Like you, almost every female colleague puts a bottle of spray on the table.

  With just one click, the fine misty water droplets instantly make you as clear as water, but after a few minutes, you feel that your body is drier, and there is a slight tingling!

what happened?

  The selection and use of the spray is more than just a “tap”. You may have overlooked some details, leaving the skin without the expected softness-moisturizing * Misty A: The mineral content of the hot spring spray water is better than in fact,The process of hot water exchange with the skin is only about one minute. The shorter the stay time of the spring with the salt content, the more the minerals and salts absorbed by the skin will stay on the skin surface after the water evaporates, and the mineral content appears in the water.There is a lot of crystals remaining on the skin surface. Since the salt is absorbent, the salt crystals on the surface of the skin will prolong the absorption of water from the skin, so the rehydration will not work, and it will cause dehydration.

  * Mist B: In order to fully exchange the hot spring water with the skin, the longer it stays, the better. The moisture that stays on the skin will evaporate as the salt crystals on the surface of the skin absorb water from the skin and take it awayThe moisture inside the skin, so for better hydration, the appropriate time is to let the skin contact the water for about a minute, and then gently absorb the moisture with a cotton face towel.

  * Mist C: Hot spring water can be used as spray hydration. Not all hot spring water is suitable for spray hydration. For spring water suitable for spraying, you should choose live spring water for dermatology.

If used improperly, it can cause skin damage.

For example, hot water for treating rheumatism contains high concentrations of sulfur and phosphorus, and hot water for treating digestive tract problems contains high concentrations of chloride ions, which can cause irritation to normal and sensitive skin.

  * Mist D: The spray is only used to care for the facial skin. If you think that the spray is only used to care for the facial skin, then it is overkill.

Because facial skin usually gets more care, proper wrinkles can cause your age secrets unconsciously.

  Spray Selection-A spray with good performance can also soothe the face while soothing and calming the skin. When buying a spray, you can judge whether it contains a large amount of salt through the sense of taste. The heavier the salty taste, the more it containsAs the salt content rises, the irritation to the skin is aligned.

  Make the mist contact the skin properly and intimately-10-15 cm away from the face, spray evenly, let the moisture contact the skin for about a minute, gently absorb it with a cotton facial tissue, and then apply it to the skin with a moisturizing product to keep the moisture firmlyLocked.