A comprehensive list of nine diseases easily accessible to IT staff

A comprehensive list of nine diseases easily accessible to IT staff

A white-collar worker who is busy working all day, like a clockwork winded, can hardly breathe.

For the abnormal situation that often occurs in his body, he often pays no attention to tearlessness.

Professionalized modern women are unconsciously domesticated by professions.

As a result, health is ignored and in the end it also affects work!

  Here, I have to remind those office workers who are busy working on the Internet to pay attention to their health and be aware of the following diseases: 1.

Headaches are not an absolute trivial symptom: the head often hurts, or it seems that something is entangled in the head, strangling pain, and accompanied by dizziness.

  Causes: Excessive eye use at work, prolonged focus on the screen, lack of sleep, and stress are all direct causes of headaches.

In addition, incorrect posture, tight work rhythms, and excessive sleep can also cause headaches.

  Solution: Relax and relax your body, close your eyes or do some simple stretching exercises all over your body.

: Let the windows let indoor air circulate, or just leave, wear headphones to listen to music.

Do not eat painkillers when you have a headache, it will only be surprisingly dull and painful, and will damage the nerves in the brain, but will not solve the underlying problem.


Neck and shoulder soreness symptoms: stiffness, sore shoulders, numbness.

  Reasons: less exercise, heavy pressure makes muscles tense, blood gas runs poorly, and muscle capillaries form congestion.

  Solution: When you feel muscle soreness and tension, it is best to take a bath before going to bed every day to warm the affected area.

Avoid avoiding the same posture, don’t let your shoulders cool, relieve stress properly, do proper exercise and shoulder massage.


Symptoms of back pain: In addition to pain, the waist becomes heavy, swollen, and hard.

  Reason: Women are more susceptible to low back pain than men because female pelvic organs are more complex than men, and the spine bears an excessive burden and is more susceptible to back pain.

  Solution: For mild low back pain, just massage or stretch your bones and rest.

If you have severe low back pain, do not press and knead strongly. You can soak in the bath or use an electric stove to warm your waist and smooth blood flow.


Symptoms of eye fatigue: Eyelids are heavy, stinging, and the text on the computer screen cannot be clearly seen at dusk. In severe cases, you may feel like throwing up vomiting.

  Reason: Wearing glasses or contact lenses with inappropriate degrees, stress is too heavy, and the brightness difference between the computer screen and the office is too large.

In addition, dry eyes are also the cause of eye fatigue, because there is less secretion of tears covering the surface of the eyeball, and the cornea is easily damaged.

  Solution: Avoid dry eyes, consciously blink and add tears.

The office air is too dry. Care should be taken to choose non-corrosive eye drops for drips.


Symptoms of hand and foot paralysis: The hands and feet become tingling or tingling. In air-conditioned rooms, the condition is more serious.

  Cause: Caused by muscle tension.

  Solution: Pay attention to the height of the chair and the table. Adjust the height of the chair to the height that your hands can lean against the table naturally. Avoid direct wind on your hands and feet.


Chronic gastritis: no appetite, nausea, stomach sinking before and after eating.

  Causes: Heavy stress, lack of sleep, and overeating.

  Solution: Take a moderate amount of stomach medicine and pay sufficient attention to rest.


Symptoms of constipation: If you do n’t have a bowel movement for 2-3 days, but you do n’t feel discomfort, this is not constipation. If you have no stool for only one day, but you feel unwell, this is constipation.

  Reason: Women are more constipated than men.
Constipation can cause rough skin, irritability, and susceptibility to hemorrhoids, so it must be resolved quickly.
Young women with this disease can simply change their lifestyle.

  Solution and prevention: ① eat more vegetables and absorb dietary fiber; ② skipping rope can exercise abdominal muscles to help defecation; ③ drink a glass of water or fresh saline every morning to help digestion and metabolism, after eating breakfast, develop the habit of going to the bathroomAnd pay attention to the regularity of life.


Symptoms of chronic diarrhea: fever and continued weight loss.

  Cause: Stress is an important cause of diarrhea.

  Solution: If diarrhea persists, it may cause dehydration.

So drink plenty of water and rehydrate.

Be careful not to drink cold water, and take some antidiarrheal medicine.

Eat less or no frying, greasy foods.


Ulcer symptoms: gastric ulcer-easy fatigue, chest pain, vomiting blood, bleeding in stool.

Duodenal ulcer-stomach pain during drought, vomiting.

  Cause: Stress is heavy, and food is not quantified regularly.

  Solution: Arrange your life, eat regularly and regularly, and actively cooperate with the doctor to guide the treatment to maintain a comfortable mood.

  The above is just the self-care common sense of IT staff. If the symptoms can not be relieved, you need to consult a doctor as soon as possible.