Chinese medicine tells you how to nourish men

Chinese medicine tells you how to nourish men

Introduction: Traditional Chinese medicine tells you about the nourishing methods of men’s sexuality, and the sexual love between men and women, which is the need for couples or couples to live together. Through sex, it can increase the emotion between couples and help stimulate the passion of life.

However, sometimes if the intercourse is overdone, it will inevitably cause men to become too tired, which will cause transient sexual fear.

So what’s the trouble? Let’s get to know it together.

  Sexual injury is a systemic impairment caused by excessive sex.

Sexual life after marriage is a physiological need for men and women. Should normal sexual life be 2 a week?
It is advisable to use 3 times. Generally, it should be based on no tiredness and discomfort the next day after sexual intercourse.

If you feel weak, dizzy, dizzy, weak limbs, palpitations, shortness of breath, loss of appetite, low back pain, and dullness all day long after sexual intercourse, it means that the sexual life is excessive, and you should be temperate in time.See a doctor.

  Types of housework injuries: 1.

Erotic desire: refers to the human qi, blood, yin and yang damage caused by excessive intercourse or too much desire.


Spermia: refers to the sweating symptoms after ejaculation during sexual intercourse.


Sefer: Refers to the symptoms of sudden colds and loss of consciousness in the extremities during or during orgasm or at the end of intercourse.

  Sexual injury is excessive sexual life for the following reasons: 1.

Excessive intercourse; 2.

Forced house when physically weak; 不 3.

Thinking too much and losing masturbation.

  Warm reminder: Chinese medicine believes that Jing, Qi, and God are the three treasures of the human body, of which Jing is the foundation, Qi is the power, and God is the interaction. The three can be transformed into each other.

If the lust is excessive, the kidney essence will be damaged, the severe injury will be discouraged, and the discouraged will be scattered.

But the essence is seriously damaged, and the spirit and the Qi will have no attachment, which will cause the spirit and the spirit to be injured and cause serious illness.