Orange soup to relieve dysmenorrhea


Orange soup to relieve dysmenorrhea

I used to have dysmenorrhea, especially on the first day of menstruation. My stomach hurts when I fell down. I often need to take painkillers to relieve it. Later, my neighbor told me that drinking orange soup can relieve the pain.much better.

  Usage: 250 grams of orange meat, honey.

Mince the orange meat, soak it in water for a while, then boil it in water for 3 minutes, wait for the temperature, add honey and serve, once a day.

  Dr. Zhao Wenshuo of Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine: I don’t know if you have dysmenorrhea of the cold type or qi retention type. From the prescription, most methods will have a slight effect on dysmenorrhea of the qi retention type. The dysmenorrhea of the qi type usually has abdominal swelling and pain.Due to the discomfort of the liver qi, the temper is usually a little irritable.

It is recommended that you better decoction oranges with skin, because the peel of Chinese medicine has the effect of regulating qi and strengthening the spleen, and the effect is good after taking it.

Honey can alleviate pain. If you add red dates that can nourish blood and qi, it can also relieve dysmenorrhea of qi stagnation type.

If it is a cold type of dysmenorrhea, you can take ginger that dispels cold, brown sugar that warms the stomach and blood, and jujube decoction. The effect will be better.

  It should be noted that the effect of dietary therapy on severe dysmenorrhea is not obvious. It is best to take some proprietary Chinese medicines, such as Wuji Baifeng Pill.