Dry nosebleeds

Dry nosebleeds

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, the autumn is dry, and the human body yang is also strong, that is, as the saying goes, “easy to get angry”.

  For general nosebleeds caused by non-medical diseases and trauma, self-massage has a better preventive effect.

Regular massage according to the following methods can greatly reduce the occurrence of nosebleeds.

  First, press to rub Yingxiang, giant cock.

Both points are located near the nose.

Yingxiang Point is at the midpoint of the outer edge of the nose.

The giant acupoint is directly below the pupil, the side of the nasolabial sulcus is flat with the lower edge of the nasal wing.

Place the forefingers of both hands at the left and right acupoints during massage, and press and rub symmetrically.

Yingxiang first, followed by giant salamander, 5 minutes per point, once in the morning and evening.

You can also expand the range of massage by placing the forefinger or middle finger of the two fingers on the wing of the nose, rubbing upward along the bridge of the nose, between the eyebrows, and down to the side of the nose.

Please note that it should be moderate, preferably lighter.

Rubbing it back and forth 50 times a day in this way has the effect of preventing colds, pronouncing nose nose, and preventing nosebleeds.

  Second, rub the stars, Shenting.

These two points are located on the veins of the central axis of the human body.

Shenting is half an inch straight on the front hairline (the same size, that is, each person’s thumb is 1 inch wide, the same below), and the star is 1 inch straight on the front hairline.

You can press the thumb with one hand on the acupuncture point, and then rub it in one direction with a feeling of soreness, 5 minutes per point, once in the morning and evening.

  In addition, because the child is a “pure-yang body”, nosebleeds are mostly caused by lung heat and stomach heat, so parents can use their thumb to push the ring finger of both hands and the palm of the thumb from the tip of the finger to the root of the finger, which can clear the lungThe heat of the stomach can prevent nosebleeds.