Games will bring dreams, but they are wrong!

Games will bring dreams, but they are wrong!

Nowadays, life is getting more and more stressful, and poor sleep has become a common problem for everyone.

In order to solve this problem, someone chose exercise.

Does exercise definitely improve sleep quality?

When is exercise ideal?

  Indeed, studies have shown that exercise can improve sleep quality to some extent, especially for those with insomnia.

But the relationship between exercise time and sleep improvement is not clear.

Here are some of the results of the study: A study of postmenopausal women showed that women who exercise in the morning sleep better than women who exercise at night.

  A study of highly active youth showed that continuous intense exercise 30 minutes before bedtime had little effect on sleep.

  People with initial insomnia have increasing levels of stress hormones in their blood.

This also means that they are allergic to abnormal stress.

The higher the level of stress hormones, the worse the quality of sleep.

The amount of hormones in the body has been increasing since the beginning of exercise.

But after a few hours of testing, its number dropped sharply and even exceeded your expectations.

  The speed and time of hormonal decline after exercise varies from person to person, depending on the individual situation and the intensity of the exercise.

In fact, after 20 minutes of intense aerobic exercise, the amount of hormones in the body will decrease in about four to six hours.

  As everyone’s situation is different, something to consider before using exercise to improve your sleep quality: exercise for two weeks before bedtime.

Every morning, compare the quality of sleep.

  Work out in the morning or early afternoon for the next two weeks.

In the morning, compare your sleep quality.

  Compare the quality of sleep in the two cases.

  This may tell you when exercise is good for your sleep quality.

There is also the effect of the length of exercise on sleep quality.

Then, maybe it can help you to find the best time period for your exercise, and bring a wonderful sleep to your good life.