Coping strategies for baby’s red butt

Coping strategies for baby’s “red butt”

1. If the baby has a rash, it needs parents’ careful care.
Every time you change your dirty diapers, after washing your baby, it’s best not to be busy wearing clean diapers, letting him stay for a few minutes, let it be breathable; or leave the baby naked for a whiletime.
Of course, the premise is that the temperature is appropriate, and don’t let your baby catch a cold.
Alternatively, you can use a thin layer of tannic acid ointment or vaseline.
  2. If the baby’s red butt is very serious, or even ulcerated, you can apply cod liver oil to the injured area, or you can apply zinc oxide ointment.
In addition, don’t forget to make sunbathing and light bath for your baby, this is also very effective.
The method is simple, just expose me to the sun or light 3 times a day for 15 minutes each time.
  3. If the baby has diarrhea, he must be treated quickly, otherwise, this red butt is not good!
  4. If parents are used to wipe with wet wipes, but after they become red ass, they can no longer wipe the baby with perfumed baby wipes. Instead, use water and cotton balls.
The packaged wipes can sting the damaged skin and make eczema worse.