5 food therapies to help relieve sore throat

5 food therapies to help relieve sore throat

Click to buy dry climate, a large number of people will have sore throat, sore throat and some people are troubled.

In addition to seeking medical advice and asking the doctor to propose a treatment plan, the following 5 kinds of dietary treatments can also help you to alleviate the problem of swelling and pain in the respiratory tract to a certain extent. Come and take a look!

  1. White Fungus and White Ginseng Egg Drink Drink the white fungus and North American ginseng, and then cook it with water to remove the dregs and retain the liquid medicine, then type the eggs into the liquid medicine, and then add the appropriate amount of rock sugar to dissolve after cooking.

  This recipe has a good effect of nourishing yin and clearing lung heat, and is very effective in treating sore throat caused by dryness of the lungs or yin deficiency.

  2, Luo Han Guo Sydney Tea Decoction Sydney, Luo Han Guo and Gangmei with water, take one dose a day.

  This recipe has a good effect of nourishing yin and clearing heat, and has a good effect on the treatment of acute pharyngitis and chronic pharyngitis.

  3, honeysuckle olive tea boil honeysuckle and olives, finally add mint, remove the residue and you can take it.

  Honeysuckle has a good antiviral effect, olives can very well relieve pain, and peppermint has a heat-reducing and anti-inflammatory effect, and it has a good effect on the treatment of sore throat caused by a cold.

  4. Cucumber and kiwi juice. Wash and remove the cucumber, cut the skin and cut into small pieces. Peel and cut the kiwi into the juicer, add cold water and stir, pour and add the honey one hour before the meal.

  Cucumber is sweet and cool, can enter the spleen and stomach meridians, can clear heat and detoxify, and can benefit water, can treat body heat, thirst, sore throat.

The kiwi fruit is sour and cold, which can enter the kidney and stomach meridians, and can relieve heat and quench thirst.

In addition, this conditioning formula also has the effect of moisturizing lips and preventing chapped lips.

  5, fat sea tea will be fat sea and licorice according to the ratio of 2 to 1 with boiling water can be brewed.

  Fat sea has a good effect of nourishing the throat and reducing inflammation and swelling, while licorice can play a heat-clearing and pain-relieving effect. When the two herbs are mixed together, it can effectively treat throat inflammation and soreness.