Edema makes you get fat overnight. 6 habits can prevent before going to bed.

Edema makes you get fat overnight. 6 habits can prevent before going to bed.

If there is edema, it feels like a small circle of fat.

How to prevent edema?

How to quickly eliminate edema?

Don’t wait until swollen to find a way to recover, stick to good habits before going to bed, you can effectively prevent edema.

1 dinner to light dinner to control the amount of food, and to reduce salt oil, mainly vegetarian.

Vegetables should avoid eating a lot of spicy food such as onions, scallions, ginger, garlic, pumpkin, snow red, raw cold fruit, etc. should also eat.

Eat more dilute foods such as bananas, potatoes, carrots, avocados, oranges, etc.

Red beans and coix seed are all top grades. They can be cooked with red beans, coix seed, black rice, white kidney beans, red rice, millet kernels and red dates to improve edema.

2 Drinking water before going to bed Drinking water before going to bed does not necessarily lead to edema.

There are two main reasons for edema, which is caused by personal physique problems, the body is easy to edema, poor metabolism during sleep, or poor drainage, waking up the next day will edema.

At the same time, drinking water is not right. When a cow is thirsty and thirsty, it is easy to edema.

When you sleep, the body is still metabolized, you need to add some water, otherwise you will wake up the next day, the body will appear dehydration.

Usually drink about 200 ml at night.

Drink too much water, if the body does not absorb, the next day is easy to edema.

When you drink water, pay attention to drink slowly. You can drink a bite of water for a while and then swallow it. This is good for absorption.

3 Guarantee 7-9 hours of sleep time As long as it is a woman, everyone wants to have a moisturizing skin that is fresh and tender when just waking up.

If you want to have such a pink skin, you should take care to ensure that you sleep 7-9 hours a day.

Because the increased blood during sleep promotes the circulation of nutrients and growth hormones, promoting skin regeneration.

Conversely, abnormal life can affect the secretion of hormones, causing the skin to become dry and rough.

4 Do not sleep and wake up after the face edema is also related to the sleeping posture.

During the sleep, the water in the body accumulates in the face, and the next morning, when you wake up, the face will be edematous.

The sleeping phase that causes such facial edema is a posture that sleeps or does not pillow.

5 knocking gallbladder massage to beat the gallbladder, you can Shujing Tongluo, blood circulation and detoxification, blood circulation is fast, the body will have enough energy to eliminate the garbage, the body’s edema, the toxin will naturally be removed, the massage will be beatenSlim down.

  Sit on your bed and straighten your legs, or put your feet on a small stool and use your fist to rub both legs.

Starting from the outer thigh root (where the buttocks have a nest), you can strike the alignment, knocking 50 groups (from the side to the insertion, knocking a whole piece down to count a group) is almost the same.

If you are anxious, you can knock more, but you are insisting.

You can knock once a day, or twice, and knock it whenever you have time.

Remember to knock on both legs, generally choose to knock on the gallbladder before going to bed, but don’t knock after 23 o’clock, 23 o’clock to 1 o’clock when the blood enters the gallbladder.

In addition, when menstruation comes, they will knock or not knock.

6 massage lymphatic lymph circulation is not good, will affect the body’s detoxification function, easy to produce toxin accumulation and edema problems.

Massage lymph before going to bed, can guide the body to add excess toxins and water, in addition to beauty and beauty, but also can accelerate the decomposition of sputum, let you wake up and find that the edema is no longer, the body shape will be lighter.

Massage from the end of the heart away from the heart to the lymph nodes.

It is generally recommended to massage the blood when the bath is running smoothly, and the effect will be better.

However, it is not suitable when the body is uncomfortable after being allowed or after drinking.

General massage 3?
5 times for one time, a total of 3 massages a day?
5 times.

Meridian lymphatic massage is a good way to promote the smooth flow of lymph in the body and make the body beautiful from the inside out.
Meridian lymphatic massage can not only relieve physical discomfort and other symptoms, but also slim down and lose weight.

A certain kind of food is waterproof and swollen. 1 薏 排除 excludes facial edema and can also drink glutinous rice water. It is suitable for friends who cannot sleep with coffee. The glutinous rice water can also penetrate the role of whitening and moisturizing.
2 honey water honey has lungs and cough, usually moisturizing, detoxification and beauty effects.

Because no matter whether the life is not regular or often the face will be toxins, so often eat honey can discharge facial toxins, beauty and beauty also have a good effect.

Honey can also drain excess water from the body to achieve a face-lift effect.

3 If the coffee is just a simple face edema, it is because the water is not discharged in a timely manner, just need to drink some coffee to quickly discharge.

In particular, black coffee is recommended here. It has drainage and diuretic, which accelerates the consumption of radiation.

6 red bean red beans are rich in saponin ingredients, saponin ingredients have the effect of promoting the establishment of a good tandem diuretic, especially for those who are not very good edema, the more need to eat red bean porridge.

7 watermelon watermelon is also a kind of fruit with the effect of cooling off the diuretic effect, especially for the shell edema, the people with great fire, basically good health care effect.

8 melon melon is synonymous with edema removal. This is because melon is rich in vitamin B1 and cellulose. Therefore, it has the effect of promoting colonic peristalsis and promoting detoxification. Especially for those with lower extremity edema during pregnancy, it has better health care.efficacy.
  In addition, citron tea, mushrooms, spinach, etc. are also conducive to promoting blood circulation and eliminating edema, so it is recommended to eat these foods in daily life.

If you want to be convenient, you can also keep the old Chinese doctor Huaren tea.

Rapid edema method 1 ice spoon cold compress If you wake up in the morning and find that your eyes are swollen, quickly put the iron spoon into the freezer, and then take out the spoon after the grooming.

After applying the eye cream, close your eyes, apply it to your eyes with an ice spoon, use low temperature to stimulate blood circulation and accelerate the metabolism of the eye skin.

Then use the reverse side of the spoon to insert some massage around the eyes, use a spoon instead of a finger, and drain the excess water.

2 scraping because of poor blood circulation caused by swelling, can be solved by scraping, but please be sure to follow the scraping instructions, massage at the designated acupoints, in order to have obvious effect.

3 hot and cold towel, if the ice spoon can not save your goldfish eye, then try the upgraded version of the eye method!

Cover the eyes with a hot towel, apply about 20 minutes to promote blood circulation, then apply a cold towel for one minute to shrink the pores, and finally apply eye cream.

When applying eye cream, you can use a degree massage to promote absorption.