Haunted dreams may herald illness

Haunted dreams may herald illness

During sleep, many brain cells enter a state of rest, and their function is reduced.

At this time, the subtle stimulation signals during the day will stimulate the relevant center of the leather, and the corresponding brain cells will have a stress response, resulting in a predictable dream.

  1. Dream of someone or monster beating the head, be alert to brain tumors or nervous system diseases, such as cerebral infarction, etc. 2. Dream of hearing horrible and strange sounds. Consider whether the auditory center is deformed or the nearby blood vessels are hardened.
  3, dreamed that the trachea is stuck, breathing is not smooth or even suffocation, we must consider the occurrence of deformities in the respiratory system, such as COPD and so on.

  4, dreaming of being chased by monsters or beasts, fearing in my heart, but unable to run, can not move, wake up sweating or heart rate faster, we must consider the lack of coronary blood supply to the heart.

  5, dreaming of unstable walking, twisted body, or heavy limbs with suffocation, we should consider the precursor of angina pectoris.

  6. I dreamed of falling from a high place, but I was awake before reaching the ground. We should consider the precursor of heart disease.

  7, dreaming about the scene of the fire, some of them burned, we must consider the precursor of hypertension.

  8. Dreaming of water scenes, such as floods, swamps, drowning, etc., it is necessary to consider liver and gallbladder system and kidney lesions.

  9, dream of flying, and frightened, to consider the distortion of the circulatory system.

  10, dreaming of a wicked or monster with a horrible face, consider the distortion of the digestive system.

  11. I dreamed of being beaten, and I felt pain in the beaten place after waking up. We should consider whether there is a latent displacement of the viscera.

  12, dreaming of eating strange food, after waking up, there still seems to be a strange smell in the mouth, or vomiting in dreams, abdominal distension after eating a lot of food, uncomfortable, we must consider local diseases.