[How to make Babao pickles]_Pickled pickles_How to make

[How to make Babao pickles]_Pickled pickles_How to make

The simple fact of Babao pickles is a kind of snack food pickled by eight kinds of vegetables. This dish is a more traditional snack in Beijing. A dish is made up of eight ingredients. It even tastes delicious and tastes slightly., Especially in summer, it is very delicious to eat rice. Although there are many varieties of Babao pickles, the lack of delicious flavor is very small. The following describes the practice of Babao pickles.

How to make Babao pickles The main raw materials: pickles, pickled cucumbers, pickled ginger Babao ingredients: shiitake mushrooms, fungus, golden needles, winter bamboo shoots, peanuts Preparations: 1. Peanuts are cooked with salt and star anise, which can be timed according to the population.

2, gold needles, fungus, mushroom shampoo, tear small pieces of fungus, sliced mushrooms, knot each of the gold needles if you have time.

3. Cut the pickles into small pieces and squeeze out the water in the pickles. Cut the pickled cucumber into thin slices and the ginger with the sauce.

4. Peel the bamboo shoots with salt water and shred them.

Production method: 1, a large amount of oil into the pot.

After the oil is hot, add ginger first, then add pickles, stir fry, and try to fry the pickles.

2. The side dishes must be rotated in the same way. After adding each side dish, stir fry completely before adding the second one.

3. After all the side dishes are finished, add a small amount of sugar, and add soy sauce like the flavor of the sauce.

Slow fry for about 10 minutes.

4, because it is fried pickles, so no need to put salt.

In order to maintain the unique flavor of Babao pickles, the side dish work is also very important. After the above dishes are marinated, they can be used as side dishes.

Usually the proportion of side dishes is: 40% white radish, 30% lotus root, 10% cucumber, 5% bamboo shoot tip, 2% peanut kernel, and proper amount of ginger.

Other dishes are arbitrarily matched according to local eating habits, but the variety must be diverse in order to reflect the delicious flavor and delicious side dishes of Babao.

The chemical method uses chemical methods to reduce the main role of nitrite: by adding natural substances to replace the synthesis of nitrosamines, such as garlic juice, ginger juice, aloe juice, etc .; adding bacteriostatic agents to partially replace the role of nitrite,Such as ascorbic acid, citric acid, etc., its mechanism of action is also the combination of reversed phase nitrite and secondary amines to prevent the production of nitrosamines; add some substances that can replace the coloring or antiseptic effect of nitrite, such as monascus pigment, ascorbic acidWait.

Biological methods Biological methods mainly use microorganisms to reduce the pH value in cured products, microorganisms that produce nitrite reductase to degrade nitrite or directly use nitrite reductase to reduce the content of nitrite in cured products.

Some scholars have used Lactobacillus plantarum, Leuconostoc mesenteroides, Pediococcus lactis, and freeze-dried Lactobacillus brevis to make a direct-fermented starter. The degradation rate of nitrite in pickled vegetables reaches 98%. This technology is availableFor industrial production.

Studies have also been conducted to isolate and purify nitrite reductase from Bacillus megaterium. The optimum temperature for the enzyme reaction is 40 ° C and the optimum pH is 6.

5. Good thermal stability, 70% after 4h incubation at 80 ℃?
80% enzyme activity, a compound enzyme preparation consisting of invertase and substitute coenzyme, added during the meat marinating process, and the nitrite residue is reduced by more than 70% than the original without changing the processing conditions of the cooked sausage.