Auntie liver needs medicine?

Auntie liver needs medicine?

For older aunt liver patients, the most suitable exercise is brisk walking.

  ● There is no medicine for treating mild liver disease at present. When liver damage occurs, medication is needed. ● It is not necessary to take medicine for mild liver disease. The main intervention method is to change bad habits; mild alcoholThe most important thing about liver disease is to quit drinking. This year’s “National Liver Love Day”, the theme is “To love the liver, we quit drinking for one day”.

People who have just been diagnosed with diabetes are often very scared, and once it is known that many people around them suffer from this painless and itchy disease, and it does not seem to cause serious damage to the liver, it is not regarded as a kind ofSick, “Isn’t that just sub-health?

Shouldn’t medication be needed?

“Professor Li Yi, deputy director of the Department of Endocrinology, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital, Sun Yat-sen University, pointed out that the aunt’s liver must be diseased, and mild mild liver generally does not require medication. Through early intervention such as lifestyle adjustment, the liver can be reversed and returned to normal.

However, if liver damage occurs, liver protection and liver protection treatment should be considered.

If the patient does not receive effective treatment for a long time, they will step on the path of liver fibrosis, cirrhosis and even liver cancer.

  Case: Drinking alcohol for 13 years died of cirrhosis at the age of 50. Aunt Liang, 50 years old, overcame alcohol dependence. She was drunk as much as drinking two pounds of white wine every day. When she got up early in the morning, she could drink half a pound on an empty this way.

I have been forced to abstain from drinking several times before being admitted to the hospital, but soon after returning home, I am in a bad mood again, and my children are unable to take her.

However, her alcoholic “baptism”
over many years has led her alcoholic minority liver to the advanced stage of cirrhosis.

In early March, Aunt Liang with a liver coma was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment. Although the doctors spared no efforts, Aunt Liang died of liver encephalopathy due to complications of cirrhosis a week later.

  ”Aunt liver can kill someone?

A lot of people around me have ah, they do n’t even take medicine, but after so many years, is n’t it a good life?

“In the outpatient clinic, many patients will have such doubts, wondering whether to take medicine for treatment.

  Cognition: Do you want to do this in two wrong areas? Li Ye said that clinical observations found that after suffering from refractory liver, patients are often prone to two extremes: they can only go to the transplant hospital for a long time and try too much.The drug, however, did not improve, so pessimistically believed that the extreme liver could not be cured; otherwise, it was left untreated, equated it with sub-health, and allowed it to develop, and unfortunately the liver did not need treatment at all.

  ”Neither view is correct.

Adult liver is also a disease, and has a preventive effect on coronary heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and other diseases. These malignant liver diseases can be treated and the incidence of these diseases can be reduced.

Li Li said that treatment must be treated. If it is a mild and mild liver, after early intervention, the liver can be completely reversed and returned to a normal state.

But if the patient does not receive effective treatment for a long time, he will step on the path of liver fibrosis, cirrhosis and even liver cancer.

  Treatment: whether to take medicine or not, treat differently as Li Zhi points out, the most important thing to get a big liver is to know it correctly.

Adult liver is divided into two categories: alcoholic adult liver and non-alcoholic adult liver.

Normally, the adult content exceeds 5% of the weight of the liver?
10% is mild liver, more than 10%?
25% are considered moderate liver, and more than 25% are considered severe liver.

  ”It is not necessary to take medicine for mild aunt liver. This is the best stage for treatment, and it is also the most dangerous stage to be overlapped. If it can be detected early and treated in time, it can completely return to normal.

“The main interventions are to improve lifestyles and get rid of bad habits, such as abstaining from alcohol, losing weight, and increasing exercise.

  If the mild liver is not effectively controlled, the slight accumulation of liver cells will increase more, causing some liver cells to be destroyed, liver function will be affected, and transaminase will gradually increase.

When liver function damage occurs in a small amount of liver, it is difficult to achieve effective results only by improving lifestyle. At this time, drug treatment is needed to make transaminase normal, and at the same time, liver protection and liver protection treatment should be performed.

Specific use of a certain drug, the situation is extensive and complicated, therefore, liver protection drugs must be taken under the guidance of a professional doctor.

  Alcoholic mascot: Quit alcohol is king. For alcoholic mascot patients, the most important thing is to quit alcohol.

“The culprit of alcoholic mascots is alcoholism, so it goes without saying that quitting alcohol is the most effective measure for alcoholic mascots.

Li Li said that alcohol is toxic to liver cells, 95% of alcohol directly affects protein, and slight metabolic function. If you cannot abstain from alcohol strictly and treat injuries, then the treatment effect of alcoholic liver disease will be greatly discounted.

  In particular, it is necessary to remind that for patients with chronic liver disease, especially those with hepatitis B and C, alcoholism is a catalyst for the development of the disease into end-stage liver disease. For some patients, alcohol consumption should be strictly limited.

In addition, for patients with alcoholic liver disease, a combination of work and rest and proper exercise to achieve a controlled lifestyle, reasonable and feasible is also an effective means to promote recovery.

  The treatment of non-alcoholic mild liver should pay attention to weight control, three meals a day should be regularly limited, balanced diet, for example, set low-fat, high-protein, light vitamin recipes supplemented with fiber, eat less animal offal, chicken skinHigh cholesterol foods, spicy foods such as pepper and curry, eat more linoleic acid-like foods such as oats, and increase your physical activity.

  ”The most suitable and effective exercise for adult liver patients is moderate-intensity aerobic exercise.

“Li Yan recommends walking quickly and doing 150 minutes of aerobic exercise a week, about 30 minutes each time is the best.