Aromatic tips in Chinese medicine

Aromatic tips in Chinese medicine


Jasmine type: Chinese medicine believes that Jasmine is fragrant and refreshing.

Take a few morning jasmine flowers in June in the summer and dry the ground powder for future use. Take three to five grams of congee orally or tea every day to make the skin moist and scent.


Aloe Vera: For external use, it can also be used in fresh juice.

For women with oily skin, often use their juice to bathe, make up or eat, which can make you feel fragrant.


Spring chrysanthemum type: Use its petals to make tea or ground powder to make a long-term diet of honey pills, which will make your spring fragrance overflow and make you look beautiful.


Lavender scent: You can use six spoons of lavender and apple cider vinegar, soak for about two weeks, and pour it into the bathtub to bathe.