Nine strokes of milk powder

Nine strokes of milk powder

Babies are beginning to eat milk powder, but the quality of commercially available milk powder directly affects the health of little babies. How can I choose high-quality milk powder and eat healthy babies?

The following ten points are common defects of milk powder: 1. Fatty acid spoilage. This is mainly caused by incomplete sterilization of milk powder during processing, and the decomposition of milk powder by lipase in milk.

Preventive measures increase the sterilization temperature during production, such as ultra-high temperature sterilization. At present, milk powder mostly uses antibacterial sterilization technology, so this defect rarely occurs.

  2. The trace oxidative taste is mainly caused by the oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids in milk powder. The main influencing factors are caused by oxygen, light, heavy metals (especially copper), enzymes and acidity. Therefore, light, heat and seal should be avoided when storing milk powder.Not in direct contact with metal utensils.

  3, rancidity and browning This is caused by milk powder.

Therefore, the milk powder should be protected from moisture when it is stored. After opening, it should be prepared to squeeze out air and tighten it to prevent moisture from entering.

After the milk powder absorbs moisture, in addition to the above-mentioned adverse reactions, it will agglomerate, affecting its reconstitution and solubility.

  4. When the bacterially deteriorated milk powder is at a normal concentration, the bacteria will not multiply, but will decrease over time (5?
Storage at 37 ° C).

However, if the content exceeds 5%, the bacteria will grow and cause the milk powder to deteriorate. Therefore, it should not be left for a long time after the milk powder is opened, so it is called tide deterioration.

  High-quality milk powder has 5 conditions1. In addition to nutritional balance, the ingredients should be functionally selected according to the needs of the baby. The special formula added to the milk powder should also be clinically proven or reported.

  2. When choosing milk powder, the brand should first consider the production of the manufacturer, especially the milk powder brand selected by the same company from research and development, production, sales (long-term), and manufacturing.

In addition to imported milk powder that has a sales brand in Europe and the United States, it should also have a third country sales certificate.

  3. The nutritional content, nutritional analysis, manufacturing date, shelf life, and usage method are clearly marked on the packaging.

  4, service is normal, distance milk powder companies can provide consumers with after-sales service and long-term professional consultation.

  5, a small amount In fact, the ingredients of all kinds of milk powder are basically the same, parents should not be confused by those who have “special ingredients” or “effect” of milk powder, let alone think that expensive is good, think that it is deceiving.