Abalone Longan Meat Maidong Soup

Abalone Longan Meat Maidong Soup

Ingredients: 250 grams of fresh abalone, 30 grams of longan meat, 30 grams of Ophiopogon japonicus, 250 grams of sugar cane.

  Practice: first wash the abalone, add longan meat, Ophiopogon japonicus, slice sugar cane, add lean broth, moderate salt, stew for 1 hour.

This side is for 3 people.

  Efficacy: Pinggan Qianyang, Yishen Anshen, different regions to adapt to the northeast region: Northeast is located in the northernmost part of the region, belongs to the region with the highest latitude, this region has a short summer time and relatively short winter time.Increase the longan meat in this formula to 35 grams.

  Northwest China: The climate is dry, windy and sandy, and the sunshine is reduced, which can reduce the longan meat of this formula to 25 grams.

  Central Region: The climate is highly mild and there is too much sunshine to increase the fresh abalone in this formula to 280 grams.

  Southeast: The climate is humid and the rainfall is abundant. In this formula, the wheat winter can be increased to 35 grams.

  Southwest: It is rainy, the climate is hot and humid, and you can eat spicy, sour and spicy flavors, which can increase the formula in this formula to 35 grams.

  Second, different physiques due to body selection, qi deficiency, qi deficiency, muscle weakness, physical weakness, shortness of breath, lazy words, easy to sweat, not cold and heat.

In this formula, 8 pieces of hazelnuts are added and stewed.

  Blood deficiency constitution: People with blood deficiency are pale, dry skin, insomnia and dreams, dry stools, and unfavorable urination.

The longan meat in this side is increased to 35 grams.

  Yin deficiency constitution: people with yin deficiency are thin and afraid of heat, hands and feet are hot, temperament is irritating, insomnia and dreams.

In this side, the wheat winter increased to 35 grams.

  Yang deficiency constitution: the population of yang deficiency is not thirsty, the shape is cold and warm, the limbs are not warm, and the hair is easy to fall.

The longan meat in this side is increased to 35 grams.
  Third, different ages tonic young people: adolescents are in the stage of growth and development, gas is strong, adequate fluid, eclipse twice.

  Middle-aged: Fresh abalone increased to 300 grams.

  Older people: The body’s metabolism and excretion function are reduced, and the amount can be reduced by half.

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