Cross-country love boyfriend, I turn my face

Cross-country love boyfriend, I turn my face

Talking person: Mumu Age: 21 Years Occupation: College student Key sentence 1: At first sight of Mumu, I think she is a very beautiful girl with clear eyes, but it will not leave a deep impression.

Her expression had always been faint, as if she were a bystander, looking coldly at the float of others.

While talking, she occasionally looked at the raindrops sliding down the glass window, surrounded by contemplation.

  Key sentence 2: I am not particularly addicted to the Internet. I usually just talk to friends on the Internet about interesting things in school, and I basically do not talk to strangers.

I’ve heard of online dating, but I would sniff and think that only empty people would do that.

But who knows, a transnational online love came to me like this . On the Internet just to remember that he had just entered college and I had a boyfriend Lin.

He is neither tall nor majestic, nor handsome, but he is witty, humorous, and has the same hobbies as me.

When we first got involved in the relationship, the two of us had a lot of splendid and happy times, but we also often quarreled, just like children playing in a house.

  Now thinking about it, I didn’t understand it at first. We were just good friends, but we mistakenly thought it was love.

Later Lin went to study abroad.

I slowly realized that in the days when I was separated, I always missed Lin, because I never met a guy like Lin who was interesting and deep.

  When I met him again online, I was a little ecstatic and a little guilty.

I want to redeem my old days.

But at the same time talking about salvation, it is better to say that I want to start a love with Lin-a mature, serious love.

However, things are not as simple as I imagined, no matter how I hint, Lin’s attitude towards this is always very cold.

I know, he just wants to be a good friend to me . but I still go online often and keep in touch with him if possible.

The days of schooling are not always fulfilling, we are all a bit lonely.

  When I first met friends from foreigners who looked at me in those gloomy days, I proposed to introduce a netizen to me, an Italian.

I haven’t dealt with foreigners before and I feel very fresh, so I promised, I thought I should practice English.

I met Rossi that night. He was very good at English and liked writing poems and scripts.

Immediately, a melancholy handsome figure emerged from my mind, and I felt a good impression.

With the original freshness, Rossi and I have fixed netizens and meet online every day.

Because English is a second language for both of us, it is not accurate to understand each other’s meaning. Sometimes I have to ask again and again, and they seem to have endless words.

A few days later, the final exam of the school began, and I could not chat with him on the Internet, but I was very perturbed.

I was surprised, wouldn’t I like him anymore?

  As soon as I finished the exam, I went to the computer room to surf the Internet. When I met him, I told him Imissyouverymuch!

(I miss you!

He said he did too.

I know, a string in my heart is struck.

Slowly, I know more and more about him. His specialty is web design. He usually likes watching horror movies. He has also written movie scripts himself., Simply worship.

  One day, Rossi told me that he actually has a girlfriend and they have been in love for nearly a year.

However, he felt that she was becoming more and more indifferent to him.

At that moment, I clearly felt that I was jealous.

But I cannot express it.

Just comforting him unexpectedly, I cried when I went offline.

  At the beginning of the cross-border online lovesickness, online dating in this period was still very good.

Rossi will give me a morningcall when I get up every day; using the Internet and text messages can convey sweet words and sweet words, we have to fight international long-distance complaints.

We talk about everything. Rossi is 4 years older than me, and is more mature than me. In addition to cultural differences, my perspective on issues is very different from mine, and often gives me inspiration and surprises.The biggest gain was that I learned optimism. Rossi was like a child. When I was happy, I spared no effort to praise me and let me enjoy the feeling of being appreciated.

We saw each other through the webcam. He has a dark brown curly hair, a wide forehead, thick eyebrows, curled eyelashes, a strong nose bridge and thin lips.

Fully in line with my knowledge of Italian handsome guys.

  On Valentine’s Day, I sent out my first Valentine’s Day chocolate, mailed it to Italy, and received it from me the same day.

On the evening of February 14th, we made an appointment on the phone and counted three to unpack the gifts together.

: Later, I saw that in addition to the heart-shaped Ferrero chocolate, there was also a necklace.

He told me that he bought this necklace only when he traveled to the town where he lived. He said that he thought of me the moment he saw the necklace, so he bought it without hesitation.

  Just when I felt warm.

He said Tiamo over the phone!

(Alias: I love you!

) I really feel happy.

I don’t think I avenge Lin, but I really fall in love with Rossi.

I began to worry, if suddenly one day, the world’s network is disconnected, and if the world’s telephone lines are not available, what should I do with him?

I am often tormented by this thought, and so is he.

Rossi told me that he might come to Shanghai in the summer.

Then, I may just see my Rossi after waiting for half a year.

We are all jumping for joy.

  When love reaches its limit, we will meet in a crack. What makes me unexpected is that we have more and more quarrels.

My schoolwork and social work are getting more and more frequent, and sometimes I do n’t respond to Rossi’s news.

He accused me with dissatisfaction.

I said that I was working hard for tomorrow and looking for a good job so that I and my parents could lead a rich life.

However, he said that you are so material, and that since your future is so important and more important than me, then I will disappear from your life and I wish you a bright future.

It made me cry and laugh, but coaxed him in every way.

After so many times, my patience has reached its limit, but when I think of meeting soon, I feel patient.

  That day, Rossi took a 12-hour train and plane to Shanghai.

At the airport, I recognized him from the crowd.

However, he was not as tall and dark-skinned as I thought, which made me a little disappointed.

But the next day, after a one-night rest, he was suddenly more energetic, and I felt a bit more like it.

In real life, he is not so unreasonable on the Internet, very polite and tolerant.

We went to Hangzhou. After returning to Shanghai, we may have a hard journey and Rossi had a fever.

I took him to the hospital, but I did not expect that I had a fever.

That night, Rossi slept in my room, and I slept in the hall.

In the middle of the night, someone pushed me. At first glance it was Rossi. He said that I should take medicine, which moved me beyond words.

  Rossi’s three weeks in Shanghai can be said to be my happiest time so far, and I cannot simply describe happiness as “happiness”.

During the period, Lin returned from Canada and wanted to meet with me and talk about the old. I also refused. Lin was disappointed.

  Love is no match for time and space. Rossi called me as soon as she returned to Italy, sobbing over the phone.

He said that he did not cry at the airport because if he cried, no one would comfort me.

Rossi intends to pass the embassy and invite me to visit his city as a friend for the next winter vacation.

We are increasingly discussing our future.

Rossi was unemployed again, he could not find a job for a long time, and I was facing the choice of postgraduate entrance examination or employment.When I discussed with Rossi, he insisted that I go to his side.

  I asked him, don’t you like Shanghai?

He replied that one of his friends was looking for a job in Shanghai.

I asked again, I went to you, what can I do?

He said that we have a lot of Chinese restaurants here, as well as supermarkets opened by Chinese people, and you can easily find a job.

I am a native of Shanghai, do you want me to give up my status as a prestigious university graduate and give up good development opportunities in Shanghai to Italy?

In the end, he still said that, if you really care so much about your future, you shouldn’t choose me at all.

You will always only love your job, but not me.

  I’m in a dilemma.

Actually, from the beginning, the difference in valuation between me and Rossi was so obvious, but I was too naive, too impulsive, and started this relationship too easily. What should I do now?

I really do not know.

I don’t love him, or how much I love him, there will be no result between me and him. It is impossible for Rossi and I to go online like this in our lifetime.

In the end, I decided to break up with Rossi.

  He was very annoying, which was completely unexpected.

He thought I was just joking, and would still return to him after a renewal.

But I have decided.

Saying that I am realistic and material, I only want someone who can take care of me by my side, breathe the same air as me, look at something, and have the same ambition.

Rossi kept calling me for a long time, but I did n’t answer, and I did n’t answer his text messages and emails.

Because I think I have explained the reason, but I have always felt guilty.

  Shortly before I got the bad words, I met Rossi on the Internet. He said that he knew I couldn’t forget him, but in fact he missed me.

In order to let him die, I said that I already had a boyfriend.

I didn’t expect him to be furious, saying how good his girlfriend was before, and giving up her for a woman like me was the biggest mistake in his life; also said that he would pray for my current boyfriend, hoping that he could see me soonTrue face; even said that if he was in front of me now, he really wanted to spit on me and so on.

I was stunned. Is this Rossi who knows poetry and romance?

I just found out how much I don’t know about this handsome guy who has been beautified by the internet and exotic style.

Apart from sadness, I feel more of a relief.

  After this thing, I really matured.

Love is not a panacea. Love is fragile and realistic.

Love is not magic. In fact, it is just a kind of interpersonal relationship, just like friendship and affection.

I have become more and more sensible in dealing with feelings, but will I lose my true feelings?

My friends advise me to always believe that the world has true love, but I feel a little confused.