[How to make summer black wine]_ brewing method _ how to make

[How to make summer black wine]_ brewing method _ how to make

Many people like to drink wine. The taste of wine is very delicate and mellow, because different wines have different tastes.

In addition to buying outside, some people like to make wine at home, and pay attention to the choice of grapes when making wine.

Summer black wine is also a common wine type, and the production method is relatively simple.


Processing of summer black grapes, the meat is firm, the sweetness is high, and it has a light flavor.

Cut it with scissors and a bar, and wash it to control the dryness. Do not rub it excessively during the washing process. Do not wash off the white cream on the skin, which is rich in wild yeast.

Pick the complete grapes attached to the stalks, squeeze the stalks and crush them by hand, put them in a clean and dry container, and fill them with about 2/3 full (select stalks to prevent raw water from entering the washing process)Grapes), placed indoors.


Stir with chopsticks every day and press down the surface of the grape skin, which can provide the yeast with a small amount of oxygen.

The grapes have been fermented in the bottle for two weeks after the launch, and the color has become dark purple. At this time, the appearance is a bit rough, and the surface skin has white fines, which looks like it is broken. It smells fermented.The wine is fragrant and no longer has the sweetness of grapes.


Filter to prepare a clean white cloth and another clean bottle. First remove the surface flesh and put the juice on the white cloth. After the surface is completely removed, there is a clearer layer of juice in the middle. Carefully scoop out with a spoon.The thicker layer of pulp and grape starch is precipitated, and then filtered with a white cloth to squeeze out the juice. After filtering this time, a bottle of purple wine juice that is not transparent is obtained, sealed, and fermentation is continued.

Wait a few days, there is a layer of white fine foam on the liquor, the middle layer is clearer, and there is a layer of grape starch and dead yeast at the bottom. I will continue to filter it today, and cover the bottle with a fine gauze cloth.Mouth, the liquor was filtered and dripped into a new clean bottle. It took a lot of time and patience to finally filter out a bottle of original liquid without any impurities.


Add rock sugar and 1 protein at the end. The amount of sugar is controlled according to personal preference. It is about wine: sugar = 10; about 1, the egg white is beaten with egg to make a fine foam.

The protein plays a clarifying role, some flocs are formed on the surface, and the middle layer of the wine is relatively pure and transparent. It was filtered last time today, filled in a clean wine bottle, and placed in a place protected from light.