[How to make dumplings with leaves]_ Leaf shape _ How to make

[How to make dumplings with leaves]_ Leaf shape _ How to make

I believe that many people have never eaten leaf dumplings, usually because everyone does n’t know how to make dumplings, and they do n’t know the kind of leaves to make dumplings, so we recommend that you come to understand the practice of willow leaf dumplings.

In fact, leaf dumplings have more leaf material than other types of dumplings, and other methods are the same, but the leaves are selected from willow sprouts.

The practice of willow leaf dumplings is as follows: 1. Ingredients: 500g pork, 1 bowl of flour, 200g willow sprouts, appropriate amount of salt, appropriate amount of soy sauce, appropriate amount of MSG, appropriate amount of onion, appropriate amount of ginger, appropriate amount of cooking wine, appropriate amount of blending oil, and appropriate amount of pepper powder.

Second, practice 1.

Flour with water and dough, set aside and curl.


Wash and chop the onion and ginger.


The pork is minced.


Add minced onion ginger, pepper powder, soy sauce, salt, cooking wine, MSG and stir clockwise.


Pour in an appropriate amount of oil and stir well.


Wash the willow buds with willow sprouts and squeeze the water with cold water.


Mince the willow sprouts.


Add in the meat and stir clockwise.


Knead the dough into long strips.


Scattered into small doses.


Press flat and roll into a dumpling skin with a rolling pin.


Take a dumpling skin and add the right amount of filling.


Fold in half and wrap into dumplings.


Bring the water to a boil, add the dumplings and boil on high heat.


Turn the pot on again, pour a small amount of cold water, and repeat 2 to 3 times.