Nine points to check your resume

Nine points to check your resume

Before you send your resume, use the “nine no” standard to check your resume.

  1. Resume modification.

Don’t use cheap, thick paper just to save money.

Check for layout, syntax errors, and even stains.

When using word processing software, use spell checkers and ask your friends to check for errors you might have overlooked.

  2. Character size.

If you need to use two pages to complete your resume, please clearly and completely show your experience and achievements.

Don’t compress the layout, and don’t shrink the font to a level that is difficult for others to read.

  3. True.

Although “Wang Po sells melon and sells herself,” don’t make up a fictional date or job title to cover up the fact that you have lost your job, or the fact that you changed jobs or the position you forced.

If your prospective employer does a background check and finds you are panicking, say “goodbye” to your job!

  4. State your talents.

If you’re planning the work experience you need for the job you’re looking for, don’t use time expression in your resume.

Use functional or technical expressions to prioritize your relevant work experience and skills.

  5. Launch your strengths.

Don’t just copy the terms in your company’s personnel manual about the nature of work.

In order to show that you have an advantage over other competitors, what you need is not simply to list your job responsibilities, list the special contributions you have completed, the percentage of growth, the number of customers added, the rewards won, etc.

  6. Don’t use any excuses.

Don’t put your resume on every reason you leave your military job, such as “the company was sold,” “the boss is an idiot,” or “seeking a high salary.”

  7. What have you been doing recently?

Don’t just show every job you’ve ever held.

The personnel managers are most interested in your experience in the past ten years, so please focus on recent and most relevant work experience.

  8. Determine your goals.

Don’t send your resume one by one according to the company’s job advertisement in the Sunday newspaper. Don’t send your resume, if your conditions are far from the job requirements.

Read the advertisement carefully to determine if you have the right qualifications before posting.

  9. Please do not send attachments.

When you send your resume, do not send a copy of your academic transcript, recommendation letter or award certificate, unless you are specifically asked to do so.

If you are offered an interview, you can bring these materials with you.

  The last nine checks are the guarantee of a successful job search and hope to attract the attention of netizens.