Medicinal diet for qi and nourishing kidney

Medicinal diet for qi and nourishing kidney

Health is not the topic of old age.

Tea is in contact with our daily life. Choosing the right tea can play a health role and help treat some diseases.

Similar methods are also convenient, fast, simple and practical.

  补气养血:  糖茶   [茶方]茶叶2克,红糖10克。   [Unified law]boiling water.

  [Efficacy]It has the functions of replenishing qi and replenishing qi, and digestion of stomach, and is used for unreasonable stool, cold pain in the lower abdomen and dysmenorrhea.

  升压药茶   [茶方]太子参(又名孩儿参)9g、肉桂、炙甘草各3g。  [Unified law]Cut the ginseng and licorice into thin slices, use cinnamon as the end, and put them into a tea cup with a lid, then pour it into boiling water, cover and let stand for 10 minutes.

Frequently drink and take 1 dose daily. After drinking, pour into boiling water until it is tasteless. Finally, the ginseng can also be chewed.

  [Gongshuang]Wenyang Yiqi, blood pressure.

It is suitable for hypotension, dizziness, and cold stomach pain, abdominal disease, etc.

  润喉清音茶   大海生地茶   [茶方]胖大海12克,生地12克,冰糖30克,茶叶适量。   [Unified method]Boil in boiling water and cover for 10 minutes.

Drink frequently on behalf of tea, 3 doses daily.

  [Efficacy]Qingfei Huatan, Yangyin Shengjin, Qingyan Run throat.

Suitable for hoarseness.

  苏叶盐茶   [茶方]苏叶6克,绿茶3克,盐6克。   [Unified law]Fry the green tea to a slight coke, then fry the salt to red, add all the ingredients to the decoction, and remove the residue to get the juice.

Warm tea replacement, 2 doses per day.

  [Efficacy]Qingre Xuanfei, soothing throat, used to treat hoarseness and sore throat.

  壮阳滋阴茶   杏仁麦冬桑菊茶   [茶方]用杏仁6g,麦冬、菊花、桑叶各9g。   [Unified method]Peel, sharpen, mash, oats, chrysanthemum, mulberry leaves and wash them in a pot, first boil with a simmer fire, and then cook with a low fire for 15 minutes, filter the liquid and add a small amountServe with sugar.

  [Efficacy]Yangming Shengjin, Xuanfei cough, nourishing the heart and protecting the face.

Especially in the late stage of fever, the excess heat is exhausted, the throat is dry, and the cough is taken.

Healthy people often wear skin care, can receive skin care nutrients, protect the voice effect.

  核桃红糖酒茶   [茶方]核桃仁60g,红糖、白酒各适量。   [Unified method]First cut the walnut kernels into a bowl with brown sugar and mix thoroughly, then pour the hot white wine into a bowl filled with ribs b kernels, and take once while hot.

  [Efficacy]Bushen Yijing.

Suitable for kidney deficiency, low back pain, nocturnal emission.

  莲子补肾   [茶方]莲子30克,茶叶5克,冰糖20克。   [Unified law]The lotus seeds are removed from the warm water pool for a few hours, boiled with rock sugar, and poured into tea juice.

Substitute tea.

  [Efficacy]spleen and kidney.

Applicable to menstrual disorders.

  硫磺茶   [茶方]硫磺9克,河子皮、紫笋茶各9克。   [Unified method]Sulfur ground powder is blended with Hezipi and Purple Bamboo Tea to transform into one dose per day.

Add water and bring to a boil.

Take while hot, one dose daily.   [Efficacy]Wenshen Zhixie.

It is used to treat kidney yang deficiency, loss of appetite, fullness after eating, five more diarrhea, cold and pain in the abdomen, and fatigue.