Elderly healthy vegetarian conditions

Elderly healthy vegetarian conditions

Due to this situation in the diet structure, the overall physical fitness of the Chinese is worse than that of the Nordic people.

In the elderly, the incidence of osteoporosis is quite high, nutritional anemia is too common; due to poor immune function, infectious diseases and cancer are easily obtained.

  Nordic people often eat cold water fish, milk, eggs, cold water fish may be unsaturated fatty acids, milk intake of calcium, is an ideal health food for heart and brain vascular disease.

The Eskimo, who eat the most cold water fish, is the one with the least coronary heart disease in the world.

  For the Americans caused by “rich disease” such as hypertension and coronary heart disease, their nutritionists pay attention to the Chinese people’s old investment. After comparing the length of the Americans and Chinese supplements, they proposed vegetarian diet.Based on the egg and dairy products, it is called “egg vegetarian”.

  “Egg milk vegetarian” is a better way of expectation.

For the elderly, if you change the “egg vegetarian” to the generalized “reasonable vegetarian”, you can better correct the shortcomings of high-quality protein, calcium, iron, zinc and other elements.

“Rational vegetarianism” should include the following: On the basis of “vegetarian”, eat eggs 1 every day?
2, drink 1 bottle of milk.

  Eat some fish.

People who eat fish often have a higher proportion of high-density lipoprotein in their blood. High-density lipoprotein can remove other types of cholesterol from the inner wall of the arterial blood vessel, thus acting as a “scavenger”.

  Appropriately eat some zinc products, iron-rich aquatic products, such as seaweed, hazelnuts, clam meat and seaweed.

  To be “omnivorous”.

In terms of staple foods, it is advisable to mix rice, noodles, sorghum and sweet potatoes; in terms of non-staple foods, the variety is also better.

In this way, the nutrients that are beneficial to the human body can play the role of “recovering the defects”, and can be “completely” through “incompleteness”, which can greatly improve the biological value of the protein.