[How can I nourish the nerve]_How to eat_How to eat

[How can I nourish the nerve]_How to eat_How to eat

In the treatment of facial paralysis, doctors will prescribe some energy nutritional medicines, which have a good effect on improving the disease.

But how can you nourish nerves other than medication?

Some are rich in choline-rich foods. These foods are good for nutritional nerves. Fish, lean meat and egg yolks contain many substances. In addition, lecithin supplementation is also very beneficial for nutritional nerves.

First, what to eat for nerve repair1.

Eat more choline-containing foods.

The human brain contains a large amount of acetylcholine, the content of acetylcholine in the brain of people with memory loss is significantly reduced, and it is easier for the elderly.

Acetylcholine supplementation is one of the effective ways to improve memory.

Fish, lean meat, eggs (especially egg yolks), etc. are all rich in choline.


Supplement Lecithin.

Lecithin can enhance the vitality of the brain, extend the aging of brain cells, and protect the liver, lower blood lipids, and prevent strokes.

Egg yolks, soy products, etc. are rich in lecithin.


Eat more alkaline and plasma vitamin foods.

Alkaline foods have a certain effect on improving brain function.

Tofu, peas, rape, celery, lotus root, milk, cabbage, cabbage, radish, potatoes, grapes and other alkaline foods.

Fresh vegetables and fruits, such as green peppers, day lily (yellow flower), amaranth, strawberries, kumquats, kiwi, etc., are rich in vitamins.


Supplement magnesium-containing foods.

Magnesium allows RNA to enter the brain, which is the main substance that maintains brain memory.

Beans, buckwheat, nuts, malt, etc. are rich in magnesium.

Second, the causes of neurasthenia Many patients have poor personality traits before they fall ill: inferiority, sensitivity, suspiciousness, lack of self-confidence or subjectivity, irritability, and enthusiasm, which leads to relaxation and relaxation disorders of life events, making the brainOnset of chronic stress for a long time.

At present, most scholars believe that mental factors are the main cause of neurasthenia.

Some factors that can cause persistent tension and long-term inner contradictions make the nervous activity process intense and lasting in a state of tension that exceeds the tolerance limit of the nervous system tension and can occur.

Such as excessive fatigue without getting rest is excessive tension in the excitement process; dissatisfaction with the current situation is excessive tension in the restraint process; often changing the living environment without adapting, leaving the central nervous system in an excessive tension and fatigue.

Nerve cells in the cerebral cortex are highly tolerant. Although fatigue occurs after intense mental work, it can be restored after a short rest or sleep. However, once long-term intense nervous activity exceeds the tolerance,Sexual limit, may produce neurasthenia.

In fact, in addition to paying attention to diet, it is more important to open your mind and relax your mind and body. Don’t worry about stress all day. Learn to regulate yourself. At the same time, you can strengthen your exercise and relax your nerves through normal and orderly routine.

Of course, some nutritious foods can be eaten more.