[Dong Han Cai Tofu Soup]_ Dong Han Cai _ Practice Guide _ How to make

[Dong Han Cai Tofu Soup]_ Dong Han Cai _ Practice Guide _ How to make

Dong Han Cai has the effect of reducing heat and relieving summer heat. If you make a piece of Dong Han Cai Tofu Soup in summer, it will have a cooling effect on your body.

The light taste of winter cold dish can also stimulate the appetite of the diners, and it is a very good soup in summer.

[Dong Han Cai Tofu Soup]Ingredients: 100 g of Dong Han Cai; Auxiliary materials: appropriate amount of oil, appropriate amount of salt, appropriate amount of tofu, and appropriate amount of ginger.

Specific method: First of all, the winter cold vegetables must be cleaned, because the leaves of winter cold vegetables have hairs, so it is not easy to clean them.

Therefore, when cleaning, you can soak in water for a while, and then wash them piece by piece, and the junction of the stems and leaves should be washed carefully.

First, wash a piece of tofu with water, then cut the washed tofu into small pieces.

Then, put an appropriate amount of water in the pot and boil it, put some oil and ginger, and then boil the tofu cubes.

Finally, add winter cold vegetables, season with salt, and sprinkle with pepper. Chicken essence will make the winter cold vegetable tofu soup.

Dong Han Cai is a kind of dish eaten in cold winter. Dong Han Cai is not easy to store, so Dong Han Cai must be resumed when you buy it. Dong Han Cai is not just the above one. People in different regionsThere are different ways of eating. Donghan dishes can be fried or soup. Donghan dishes are suitable for a wide range of people, but pregnant women cannot drink Donghan dishes.