Network initially triggers emotional runaway

Network initially triggers emotional runaway

Jett’s refusal is one of the problems with the intrusion into the virtual world.

People arrived early in the development of the Internet. It is easy to change in network communication. Sending offensive, embarrassing and rude information can lead to emotional loss of control.

The Internet has initially caused emotional Flaming to have a formal technical name, “Relief of online suppression”, making it more difficult for people to restrain themselves and to make irrational behaviors in the online world.

  In 2004, John Suler, a psychologist at the University of Reed, NJ, published an article in the Journal of Cyberpsychology and Behavior, which led to some factors that de-inhibit online: the anonymity of the InternetThe communicator can’t see each other, there is a time lag between sending information and getting feedback. A person sitting in front of the computer feels lonely and inflates himself, lacking the guidance of network authority figures.

Dr. Suler said that the advantages and disadvantages of de-inhibition on the Internet are that some people who are usually shy can speak freely on the Internet, and the harm is that the Internet is prone to change and cause emotional out of control.

  Studies have pointed out that there is an inherent defect in the mechanism of network communication and social interaction of the brain. In face-to-face communication, the brain reads continuous emotional symbols and cues of social interaction, and immediately uses them to guide the next action, therebyThe exchange went smoothly.

During this process, most of the information is focused on the frontal cortex, which controls emotional responses.

  The cerebral cortex needs social communication information and changes in tone to know how to choose and communicate our impulses.

In emails, there are no sounds, facial expressions, and other feedback from the recipient of the message, so it is easy to make inappropriate responses.

  Because of this, if we type text in a state of extreme anger and lack feedback from our opponents, on the contrary, our judgment is wrong, our emotional impulses are unlimited, and some unfriendly words are typed and sent out, so that we surround the networkInitially, the mood was out of control.

  Emotions on the Internet impulse human needs.

Some researchers have university students who don’t know each other sit in isolated small rooms and use computers to communicate.

These students are educated as they enter and leave the laboratory.

But the experiment designer was surprised to find that 20% of the messages sent by the students were extremely indecent and rude.

  Some people say that one way to deal with the Internet’s gradual loss of emotional control is to use video communication instead of text communication, because you can see each other’s expressions through video chat, which helps us control emotional outbreaks.

And before using video email, it ‘s best to remind yourself to stay calm and think twice!