How to eat in the early recovery period of a fracture

How to eat in the early recovery period of a fracture

Early fractures In the early stages of fractures, due to wound pain, the body’s need for thermal energy and protein increases, while appetite and reconstruction functions decrease. It is advisable to provide a light, high-protein, high blood sugar, semi-liquid diet that is easy to digest and absorb.

Old Chinese medicine suggested that replacing porridges and soups for promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, as well as grain porridges such as rice porridge, vegetable porridge, meat porridge, etc., will help wound healing.

  During the middle period of fracture transition, patients undergo a transition period physiologically and mentally. All aspects of the body’s functions are gradually improved, and nutritional supplementation can be carried out step by step. The diet can be lightly transformed into appropriate high nutrition to meet the growth needs of the epiphysis.

Old Chinese medicine recommends that on the basis of a light diet, vegetables, bone soup, chicken, fish, and eggs be added to supplement more vitamins, calcium, and protein, but it should be noted that proper calcium supplementation can be used.
  Hematomas appearing in the early and late stages of the fracture begin to be absorbed and chondrocytes undergo proliferative degeneration, calcification becomes bone, begin to grow from the epiphysis, and transform from the epiphysis to bone tissue. Some trace elements, such as calcium, iron, zinc, need to be added, Can eat more animal internal organs, fungus, spinach and other trace elements of food, pay attention to food matching, nutritional balance, avoid spicy and irritating food, promote functional exercise and promote complete recovery.

In addition, old Chinese medicine reminds that there are three taboos after surgery: one, avoid excessive sugar; two, avoid fatty tonic supplements in the early stages of severe illness; three, stop smoking and limit alcohol.