Kick out

Kick out

Every time a classmate meets, everyone will praise me for being good-looking, keeping in good shape, and feeling envy.

Take a look at them again. Only in their 40s, they have high blood lipids, high blood pressure and high blood sugar.

When asked what my secret of youth was, I immediately struck out my “magic weapon”-Xunzi.

“You look so kicking!

“Recommendation: Little sister-in-law also does fitness. This sister-in-law is my own hand-made: copper sheet care, hosting three gorgeous chicken feathers, simple, unobtrusive, but my baby, with me.

Whenever I am free, I will take the feather duster out of the bag and kick it for a while.

When he first started kicking the shuttlecock, he often couldn’t kick three or four times, and the shuttlecock fell to the ground.

And I was stuffy, my legs were sore, and I was not feeling well.

Slowly, my level has improved, and I can play more than 500 in one breath, and I can play a lot of tricks.

What’s more, my health is better, I no longer feel tightness, asthma, and back pain.

  I really want to thank Xunzi for letting me regain my youth and health. I also hope that more people can bring this “footprint of fitness” with them.