Autumn diet cures itchy throat

Autumn diet cures itchy throat

The throat is the portal to the lungs, the channel for breathing.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the dryness of the elderly invades the lungs, fluid loss, nourishment of the lungs, and loss of cleansing, leading to dry and sore throats and itchy throats.

Therefore, the treatment of throat itch should start from nourishing the lung yin and removing dryness and evil.

To prevent itchy throat everyday, choose some drinks to protect your throat and treat sore throat.

Here are some simple Chinese medicine drinks, so that everyone can easily resolve itchy throat at home.

  1, Luo Han Guo tea: Practice: Luo Han Guo 1 boiling water.

Luo Han Guo has the functions of clearing the lungs, clearing the throat, moisturizing the intestines and purging.

It has a good effect on sore throat and dry throat, but it should be noted that this product has a certain laxative effect. It is indeed a good drink for people who have dry throat and constipation.But for people who are prone to diarrhea, it is better to take as little as possible.

  2. Pear soup: Method: Rinse 10 pieces, wash and peel, 2 pears, peel and core and cut into pieces, add an appropriate amount of water, add a small amount of rock sugar after boiling, and drink it once or for several times.

It can quench thirst, detoxify, warm the qi, and use it with pears to prevent cold stomachaches.

In fact, it is also possible to treat acute and chronic throat discomfort by smashing the ravioli and taking the juice directly.

  3, bellflower soup: practice: bellflower 15 grams, licorice 30 grams, boiled in water.

The Chinese bellflower has the effect of purifying the lungs, expelling phlegm, relieving pharynx and purging the throat, and the liquorice has the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying.

The licorice is used for purging the fire, the platycodon is used for declaring the lungs, the heat can be relieved, the lungs can get through, and the symptoms of dry throat and itching will be eliminated naturally.

  4, fresh ginger and radish juice: practice: 100 grams of white radish, 50 grams of ginger, washed and crushed to take the juice, mixed with pharynx.

White radish has the effect of removing heat and relieving cough, and fresh ginger can relieve qi and vomit, and eliminate phlegm and expel cold. This is used in the same way.

Fresh juice can also moisturize, so this product can treat acute and chronic sore throat, aphonia and other symptoms.